6 Plugins Of Hayne Multimedia - Cinema 4D Plugin

6 Plugins Of Hayne Multimedia - Cinema 4D Plugin

  • CrashBox 1.00.8
  • CX3D Webdesigner 2.01.7
  • DirectControl 1.02
  • Drive 1.80
  • SplinePatch 3.02
  • Xwheels 1.02

6 Plugins Of Hayne Multimedia

6 Plugins Of Hayne Multimedia

There are Awesome plugin of cinema 4D , These will make your wok faster and greater. 6 plugin include :

CrashBox 1.00.8

CRASHBOX enables collisions between DRIVE! vehicles as well as with rigid bodies and spline outlines.

CX3D Webdesigner 2.01.7

A tool for creating animated web contents using CINEMA 4D. The plugin works like an object generator and exports your projects in the web standard HTML5/CSS3, that is supported by all modern browsers and mobile devices without any additional add-ons or plug-ins

DirectControl 1.02

With DirectControl you can control objects and parameters "live" with your game controller while the animation is running. Things that can't be done using the built-in functions can be realized with XPresso. The car simulation DRIVE! is supported directly.

Drive 1.80

With DRIVE! you are able to create physically correct vehicle animations playfully easy. With just one mouse click you'll get a ready-to-drive vehicle which can be edited by a variety of settings.

SplinePatch 3.02

SplinePatch generates surfaces from three or four splines. It is designed as an object generator and works fully parametric.

Xwheels 1.02

With X-Wheels you can equip your DRIVE! vehicles with up to 10 axes. The additional wheels are fully integrated into the simulation. Additionally, a tracked vehicle can be configured with a few mouse clicks.

*** Password Unrar: c4dtut.com

*** Only For Windown

***  Guide :

- Unzip Plugin File to :   “C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D *Your Version*\plugins”

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